Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Design is a feeling.

Design is everywhere we go and everywhere we look and is subconsciously submitted to our brains. Great design is when a symbol creates an emotion inside a person. A feeling of love, shock, and sometimes disappointment. A feeling of hope or happiness. Great design does not always make us feel good or warm. Ever caught yourself crying after a sappy commercial? The one that always gets me is the one where there is video slideshow of animals and "Arms of an Angel" by Sarah McLachlan is playing in the background. It's a commercial wanting people to donate money to help abused and abandon animals. The sad animals and that strategically picked music speaks to my heart and makes my eyes tear up whenever its on my television. That's a wonderfully designed commercial. It makes you feel feelings right down to your very core. You think the company designed that commercial wanted to make us feel sorry for those animals? Of course they did and they communicated it beautifully.

Design is a way of communication.

p.s. I always dread the first post of a blog.

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