Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You can't help but stare at these stairways.

You know how in movies there is always a stairway scene. Either the girl is walking down the stairs to meet her date, or the husband is carrying his wife up the stairs for a night of romance. Well I never lived in house with a staircase, but I always wanted to be that girl that got swooped off her feet by a strong handsome man and carried up the stairs. So far I've got the handsome dude, but no staircase. 

When I told Chadd about my stairway fantasy (sounds romantic, huh) he said that maybe, just maybe, we could get a house with a staircase. Only to remember my wish when I'm carrying a vacuum or laundry up and down it all day long. But who wants to think about housework, on to the good stuff! Take a look at some beautiful stairways!

And my favorite:

Totally figured out how to make the picture bigger so you can see better. I rock! I know, you don't have to tell me. But comments are much appreciated! :-)

All images via Houzz

Award Time

A big thanks to Christine from Sunshine and Lollypops for bestowing this lovely award upon my blogspace!
Design is a huge part of my life, and this blog is a way of expressing my sense of style for this amazing blog community. Here are seven things you might not know about me:

1. I'm in love with music. I can only play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano, but Pandora and iTunes are my lovers. 
2. I would rather people-watch than shop. Ok, I'm totally kidding, I people-watch while I shop.
3. Once I had a guy's mom try to pick me up for him.
4. Both my knees have been reconstructed and rehabilitated. (I still run and workout everyday)
5. I love any kind of water. River, Ocean, Pool...I've also swam in a few tanks.
6. I grew up in backwoods Texas and I wouldn't have it any other way.
7. I'm a 20-something living on dreams and pop-tarts.

I would like to pass this award to:

Jill @ tinsel*
Nellie@ McCarthy Designs
Ashley@ Crazy but it's Nice

Thanks again Christine!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Leah @ The Way We Are is having a giveaway!!

Leah is having her first giveaway this month! Go check out her blog, leave a comment, become a follower and have a chance to win this fantastic white owl vase from Z gallerie!
Let's call this beautiful vase Otis the Owl. I'm sure if you win you could find the perfect place for him in your home. Think the entry way or in a sunroom. Go now!

My house is a beach house and Keith Scott Morton

Just in case we ever live together, I would like you to know that I love the beach and beach style homes. Is my house decorated in seaside decor? Sadly, no it is not. To be brutally honest, my house is need of some major decoration. And you would think that it would be all prettied up since I'm obsessed with interior decorating, but nope I live in a tiny duplex with a guy who does not want to upgrade a rental. Which I can totally see his point. Why make something better so our landlord can charge more rent? That just sounds crazy. So for now I'm have lots of weekend projects involving furniture redo and DIY artwork that I hope to post up soon. When we move into a house of our own I will carry you along on a new decorating journey, but for now look at these beach/country house interiors photographed by Keith Scott Morton.

If you enjoy the beach, I hope you get to go this summer!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happiness comes on Mondays.

Well guys, normally I hate Mondays. I mean really really hate Mondays. Every Sunday night I try to put off Monday just a little bit longer, but it always wins. So today I decided instead of having a frown on my face I should smile because I have a job to go to on Monday morning, I have fridge full of food (I had been making meals for the hubby out of pork-n-beans and ramen, it was time), and I get to post pictures of my favorite rooms from Kemble Interiors. Monday just got better, well my Starbucks coffee helps too. 

(other images via weheartit)

Remember to be happy today. Why? Well on one hand, you get to enjoy life and on the other, you are reading this blog. :-)

Friday, June 25, 2010

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

The sun in shining, birds are singing, it's Friday plus payday, and the weekend is upon us. Woo! Enjoy these pretty photos. (all images via weheartit and elledecor)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

If I only had...this kitchen!

It is almost noon and I'm starving. I am so hungry I seriously thought about taking lunch at 10:30 but that would be brunch, and I would miss lunch. Or wait, I guess I could have always eaten at both, brunch and lunch. Only I don't think my butt or my thighs would have liked that. 
So what better way to fight-off hunger or just plain torture myself then to find pictures of my dream kitchen.  I'm absolutely in love with white cabinets. They are so fresh, crisp, airy, so, so, so, so...perfect! Not to mention they make a kitchen feel huge and clean. White means clean, remember that. One of these days I will get my dream kitchen but for now it's making grilled cheese with an iron and cooking soup with a hot plate. Ok, I'm totally kidding. maybe :-) Enjoy!

Oh that celery color!!! With all this green and blue, I think my brain is telling me: "Megan, PUT GREEN AND BLUE IN YOUR KITCHEN!!!!"

all images via decorpad

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Light of My Heart

Water pressure is a new light series by dwelling ltd. They have taken the basic chandelier, the inspiration of water, and added a modern/urban twist. In my opinion, they are absolutely stunning. So stunning in fact, that I have a hard time looking away from them. Not to mention, the website they created for this series captures the serene feeling perfectly of these light fixtures. Expensive? Yes, but oh so beautiful. Dwellings ltd may have gotten their inspiration from water pressure, but I'm definitely getting mine from them. Imagine all the pretty little things you could hang if you made your own. I'm thinking vintage keys, old jewelry, or even Christmas ornaments....oh the possibilities! Now if only I could convince my hubby to help me.

Blissful and Dreamy...can it get better on a Wednesday?

I have been wanting to redo my bedroom for months now. I live with furniture from when I was a teenager and a hand-me-down iron bed from my grandmas guest room. I would have posted a picture of it, but I'm a little embarrassed. Also I would totally be jumping on a redecorating project if I didn't want to pay my bills. Who needs water and electricity anyway? Oh wait, I do.
Well I found these beautiful bedrooms from  New York designer Inson Dubois Wood as beautiful inspiration for when I finally decide to take on the challenge in creating my very own hotel/spa bedroom.

Orange in a bedroom? Works for me!

I know this last picture is not a bedroom, but I just could not resist posting about that gorgeous pop-art. LOVE.

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