Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekly Color Scheme

I'm never a fan of Tuesdays. Why? On one hand, my husband leaves for work at 3:30a.m. and doesn't get home till around midnight, on the other hand at least it is not Monday but it is still way too far way from Friday. And on the third hand, yes I gave myself three hands, Tuesdays are housecleaning days. Well at least in my schedule they are housecleaning days.
Anyway, I chose turquoise and coral to be this week's color scheme because I want to celebrate the first official week of summer. 
I love this dining room. Perfect combination of color, yet still soft and romantic. The purple and cream accents put this dining room over the top in my book.

Maybe if I had huge calendar like this, I would actually get some work done today. Happy Tuesday!


Jen said...

I wonder if they used chalk paint in the second picture? I LOVE it!!!

Elle Sees said...

That's sooo cool for the calendar!

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