Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have you seen this?

It seems that the trend of customizing your life is catching on and growing very quickly. By customizing your life I mean, retailers everywhere have started creating websites that allow you "create" your own stuff. 

Have you seen the Design Studio by Serena and Lily? It's pretty awesome! I love the Custom Upholstery builder, where you can select a style of chair:

Then your fabric/fabric grade:

You can change the wood color of the legs and the nailhead color from nickel or natural brass.
Here are some I created, and I really really wish I could afford. Guess I'll just use them as inspiration for when I go thrifting.

They also have customizable beds, headboards, ottomans, and gliders. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild in the jungle. You will have an absolute blast! Just don't get to attached, unless you've got a roll of Benjamins in your purse. You lucky dog!


Anonymous said...

Chairs! I love it. I love them all. Give me!

Liz Brealey said...

What a great idea! Thanks for highlighting it.

To go with the chairs you could add a Storage Ottoman or footstool.

There's a good range at:

They also have a Bespoke Service, so you can have a Storage Ottoman specially designed and hand crafted for your home, whatever your colour or size preferences.

Thank you

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