Thursday, July 15, 2010

Office Space for a Creative Mind

What do you think about the new blog design? Well it's not much but a color change, but I think it looks way better than before.

It was a goal of mine to design a new blog header when I reached 20 followers! Well as of yesterday I completed that goal, and as promised (to myself) I designed a new header. I like it very much! Very Very Much! What about ya'll? Are you in love with header as much as I am?

If you're reading this, and you're not a follower, you should totally follow to see what I have planned for 30 followers. It's gonna be so much fun!

Thank you to my new and old followers. Your comments are what keep me blogging!  

Now on the to post of the day. I have been in a little bit of a rut lately with work/life. It's been wake up, go to work, lunchtime, work some more, clean house, workout, dinner, shower, and then sleep. Same thing everyday. I'm in need of a weekend/weekend decorating project. Lucky for me tomorrow is Friday! Whoop!

But maybe if I could convince my boss to let me decorate my office like these below then creativity might just flow from my veins. I will keep you posted on his response. 

The first three are my absolute favorite!


CkretsGalore said...

Oh much prettier than where I work!! Like a billion times.
If you don't like dust you can't work where I'm at>

Christine said...

Our study is on our "to do" list. At the moment its a study, junk & ironing space!! Love the last three the best, but they are all gorgeous! Oh and also love the new header Megan!

Erica @ Decorica said...

I could totally work in any of those spaces. I think the first image might be my favorite, I love the soft blues with the bright the daybed would be great to lounge on with the laptop.

Meg said...

Oh my gosh! Totally loving all of these offices!! I want one.. or two!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Tali Schiffer said...

Office space... That's next on my to do list... Loving no. 1 and 3, but REALLY loving no. 7!!

Megan said...

CkretsGalore-I know the feeling girl! I'm always thinking: Seriously, don't we pay people to come dust?"

Christine-don't worry, my guest bedroom is like that. I sometimes wish I could turn it into a huge walk-in closet.

Erica-Me too! That daybed looks so comfortable.

Meg- You are very welcome, I'll continue to stop by. Great name by the way. ;)

Tali-Number one is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

How couldn't creativity flow in offices like that?

You must look at Apartment Therapy..because I think I recognize a few of these. If you don't...check it out. It's an amazing decorating site.

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