Monday, June 28, 2010

Happiness comes on Mondays.

Well guys, normally I hate Mondays. I mean really really hate Mondays. Every Sunday night I try to put off Monday just a little bit longer, but it always wins. So today I decided instead of having a frown on my face I should smile because I have a job to go to on Monday morning, I have fridge full of food (I had been making meals for the hubby out of pork-n-beans and ramen, it was time), and I get to post pictures of my favorite rooms from Kemble Interiors. Monday just got better, well my Starbucks coffee helps too. 

(other images via weheartit)

Remember to be happy today. Why? Well on one hand, you get to enjoy life and on the other, you are reading this blog. :-)


Kristen said...

this is great! thank you for that, because i do "have a case of the Mondays" more often than not :(

what lovely room inspiration! the 2nd one is fantastic! and the "today i've decided to be happy" image is grand :) sooo...have a Happy Monday!!

La Boheme said...

I hope your Monday and the rest of the week turns out lovely! Happy interiors and Starbucks always work, right? xo

Solid Frog said...

I totally agree, you just have to decide how you want to experience life. Nice inspiration! Have a lovely week!

Christine said...

Some gorgeous rooms there Megan! Thanks for visiting my blog recently, I've got a little award over there for you to collect! :)
Sunshine & Lollypops

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