Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My house is a beach house and Keith Scott Morton

Just in case we ever live together, I would like you to know that I love the beach and beach style homes. Is my house decorated in seaside decor? Sadly, no it is not. To be brutally honest, my house is need of some major decoration. And you would think that it would be all prettied up since I'm obsessed with interior decorating, but nope I live in a tiny duplex with a guy who does not want to upgrade a rental. Which I can totally see his point. Why make something better so our landlord can charge more rent? That just sounds crazy. So for now I'm have lots of weekend projects involving furniture redo and DIY artwork that I hope to post up soon. When we move into a house of our own I will carry you along on a new decorating journey, but for now look at these beach/country house interiors photographed by Keith Scott Morton.

If you enjoy the beach, I hope you get to go this summer!


Elle Sees said...

i love a little beach in the house!

j. nicole said...

ahhh, so adorable! i would love to have a summer beach house :)

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