Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blissful and Dreamy...can it get better on a Wednesday?

I have been wanting to redo my bedroom for months now. I live with furniture from when I was a teenager and a hand-me-down iron bed from my grandmas guest room. I would have posted a picture of it, but I'm a little embarrassed. Also I would totally be jumping on a redecorating project if I didn't want to pay my bills. Who needs water and electricity anyway? Oh wait, I do.
Well I found these beautiful bedrooms from  New York designer Inson Dubois Wood as beautiful inspiration for when I finally decide to take on the challenge in creating my very own hotel/spa bedroom.

Orange in a bedroom? Works for me!

I know this last picture is not a bedroom, but I just could not resist posting about that gorgeous pop-art. LOVE.

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