Thursday, June 24, 2010

If I only had...this kitchen!

It is almost noon and I'm starving. I am so hungry I seriously thought about taking lunch at 10:30 but that would be brunch, and I would miss lunch. Or wait, I guess I could have always eaten at both, brunch and lunch. Only I don't think my butt or my thighs would have liked that. 
So what better way to fight-off hunger or just plain torture myself then to find pictures of my dream kitchen.  I'm absolutely in love with white cabinets. They are so fresh, crisp, airy, so, so, so, so...perfect! Not to mention they make a kitchen feel huge and clean. White means clean, remember that. One of these days I will get my dream kitchen but for now it's making grilled cheese with an iron and cooking soup with a hot plate. Ok, I'm totally kidding. maybe :-) Enjoy!

Oh that celery color!!! With all this green and blue, I think my brain is telling me: "Megan, PUT GREEN AND BLUE IN YOUR KITCHEN!!!!"

all images via decorpad

1 comment:

j. nicole said...

Your blog is adorable!! I love all of these kitchens :)

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