Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello White Walls

If you're anything like me, then you have recently graduated from college, you know that money does not grow on trees, RENT. And renting usually means NO painting. Not being able to paint may seem a little disheartening when it comes to decorating but there is an upside to all this white. White is great color for clean, bright rooms; you just have know how to make it all come together. My favorite trick with white walls is having pops of color in your accessories. Keep your big furniture pieces (couches, coffee table, etc.) to a neutral color; that way you can change out the color of your accessories and art to fit any mood at any time.

Here are some inspiration photos from Ideal Home to get you started.

White walls also work when you're scared to paint, or when picking a paint color makes you want to pull your hair out.

Don't forget about the colors of the week: Black, Yellow, and White. Here's another great retro bedroom from Ideal Home:
(don't you just love the yellow mat with the photo and that great yellow telephone?)


Leah said...

Just found your blog! Having lots of fun looking at your pretty pics! Lovely!

Megan Smart said...

Thank you!

Haven and Home said...

Ah the white walls. I remember those. There is plenty that can be done though! I love your inspiration photos. Now I dream of white walls!

Maria Killam said...

Great ideas, Love the pops of colour!

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