Thursday, June 17, 2010

Organizing Your Life...

I'm a fan of organization. Huge. I love when I walk into a home and everything has a spot and label. Now is my house like this? Some rooms are, and some rooms aren't. I live with a husband who is a pack-rat and a cultterholic. Plus I'm just a little bit lazy busy. Why organize when I can just close the cabinet? So keeping things organized in my house is a full-time job that I need to hire someone for. Anyone need a job? Just kidding, but in all seriousness the two places I try my very best to keep organized are the laundry room and the entry way. The entry way being number one, because it sets the stage for the whole house. If it's cluttered well you're whole house might as well be cluttered too. Here are some great pictures of organized entry ways from Canadian House and Home and Ideal Home
Don't you just love the orange color and wall art?

Wall paper and rug. Love.
Baskets are perfect decor for storing things that do not go well with your decorating scheme.
I'm so doing this in my entry way!

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